Marex OSII – optimized for reversing gear systems

Marex OS II reversing gear applications, new or as retrofit, range from yachts and work boats with classification approval to passenger vessels and coasters.

Together, we will analyze your BIG EDITS requirements and accompany the project up to the sea trial and after.

  • A sophisticated CAN-bus system reduces costs by replacing complex cabling on board.
  • Pre-installed CAN-bus cables and components ready to plug in facilitate the installation.
  • Control failures are prevented because one CAN-bus is provided for each control chain.
  • The bridge components are also suitable for outdoor installation.
  • The wear of material is reduced because all components of a propulsion control chain are perfectly adjusted.
  • The remote control systems can be type-approved by major classification societies: Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register. Further classifications on request.
  • Single axis control for reversing gear systems also available for trolling gear systems as an option
  • Up to 5 parallel propulsion control chains
  • Embedded in- / output unit including display and keys for programming
  • Programs for specific ship manoeuvres can be stored
  • Engine protecting functions: safety stop, reducing
  • Engine interface which is independent from specific manufacturers and variable for combustion engines and emotors
  • 2 interfaces are provided for external stations such as DP-system or joystick control
  • Standard modules for I/O-extension
  • More functions available by integrated PLC
  • The commands set with control head and operating modules are converted into CAN-bus signals. The condition of the propulsion system is reported to the operator by lamps and bargraphs which are also actuated by the CAN-bus. The resulting signals of the commands set correspond to characteristic run-up and time curves. Finally, the signals are transmitted directly to the engine and gear interfaces or to corresponding actuators through galvanically separated and potenial free in- and output elements.
  • Control heads and optional operating and indicating elements such as operating modules, bargraphs and displays. Different designs and equipment versions are available for the control heads. For special applications a cabled, portable controller is provided.
  • The operating elements are connected to the system computer and the in- /output unit (Marine Propulsion Controller, MPC) through the CAN-bus. Alternatively, versions for the installation in control cabinets or already installed in a control box can be selected.
  • In addition to the electric setting of values (current, PWM, voltage) for rpm and gear unit, electromechanic actuators, pneumatic valves and E/P-controllers are available.
Marex SB – optimized for reversing gear systems

The high-tech remote control for leisure boats, small yachts and work boats. Also for retrofits.

Marex SB was designed for boats or waterjet propulsions to replace sluggish mechanical push-pull chains or cables.

  • Inexpensive alternative to existing cable systems
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • High-grade technology including CAN-bus and electronic control
  • Tested components
  • Exact control method requiring low operation forces
  • Mechanically activated speed governors and/or reversing gears are controlled by actuators with short push/pull cables.
  • Modern electronics evaluate the lever position of the control head and convert it into commands for the propulsion engine and reversing gear system.
  • Up to 6 control heads and the control unit are connected by CAN-bus.
  • Control heads
  • •  For reversing gear systems: Combined setting of engine speed and gear control with single or twin engines.
  • •  For controllable pitch propellers: For combined or separate setting of engine speed and propeller pitch (combinator mode) with single or twin engines.
  • •  For waterjet propulsions: For simultaneous or separate setting of speed and flap position (combinator mode) for single or twin engines.
  • Control unit including remote control software and in-/output components
  • Extension boards (as option)
  • Synchronization board (as option)
  • Actuators for mechanical speed and gear setting
  • Push-pull cables
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