PME Group and MAN offer a wide range of high-speed four stroke marine diesel engines for use in commercial vessels…

For heavy operation – with unlimited operating hours and working up to 100% full load – such as for tugboats and other working vessels, we provide a range of outputs from 190 kW to 735 kW (258hp to 1000hp).

In medium-heavy operation (up to 4000 hours per year at 50% load), such as for wind-farm support, ferries, passenger ships, and fishing boats, the range of outputs extend from 294 kW to 1029 kW (400hp to 1400hp)

In light operation ( up to 1000 hours per year at 20% full load), we offer super efficient 6, 8 and 12 cylinder engines from 537 kW to 1324 kW (730hp to 1800hp) for escort, ambulance and police and pilot boats.

A characteristic feature of MAN marine engines is their powerful acceleration coupled with extremely low fuel consumption. Their advantages are to be found above all in their outstanding power efficiency and compactness. The engines are delivered ready for installation, and are designed for optimum performance in the various conditions of deployment and operation. After installation, PME Group can examine and check the engines whilst carrying out an extensive commissioning. All engines comply with the internationally applicable exhaust gas regulations.

Designed with your business in mind:

  • Maximum torque at the most fuel efficient point of operation
  • Maximum torque across a large range of engine speed for powerful and steady acceleration
  • Class-leading compactness for space – saving design
  • Best fuel consumption values and long service intervals minimising the TCO
  • Low acoustics and low vibrations


PME engineers support throughout.

PME Group and MAN are there for you from the outset. Where qualified guidance is needed for the installation, our fully trained and experienced technicians are at your side with advice and practical assistance. Our qualified service centre provides you with fast and skilled servicing and repairs.

PME Group and MAN are there for you whenever you need us.

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